Wei is one of the Three Kingdoms of China

General InformationsEdit

Wei is playable since January 1st, 220 until April 2nd, 265. Since 315, it will be impossible to recreate Wei. It can be released before 220s by Han Han

Between September and November 263, it will be at war with Shu Shu


Wei ideas and traditionsEdit


  1. +2 Tolerance of the True Faith
  2. +10% Morale of Armies


  1. Nine Rank System: +1 possible advisors
  2. Cao Cao: +1 Diplomatic Reputation
  3. Kaishu Wei: -1 National Unrest
  4. Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove: -10 Culture Conversion Cost
  5. Powerful Military: +10% Manpower Recovery Speed
  6. Wei Innovations: -10% Administrative Tech Cost
  7. Expansionist Policies: -10% Core Creation Cost


  1. +1 Land Leader Fire

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