The Welsh Region lies entirely inside the Great Britain Region, which is part of the British Isles, located in Europe. It consists of three pronvinces. Two of which are of Welsh culture (Glamorgan and Gwynedd) and are requirements to form Wales.


Cornwall (233) Edit

  • Trade Goods: Copper
  • Trade Node: English Channel

Glamorgan (241) Edit

  • Trade Goods: Iron
  • Trade Node: English Channel

Gwynedd (242) Edit

  • Trade Goods: Fish
  • Trade Node: English Channel

Nations Edit

The following nations have their capitals in the Welsh region:

State Capital Notes
Dumnonia Dumnonia Cornwall (233) Prior to 710
Cornwall Cornwall Cornwall (233)
Silures Silures Glamorgan (241)
Dyfed Dyfed Glamorgan (241)
Deheubarth Deheubarth Glamorgan (241)
Gwynedd Gwynedd Gwynedd (242)

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