Bonuses Edit

  • +2.0% National Tax Modifier
  • +15.0% Morale of Armies
  • -2.0% Local Missionary Strength

Mechanics Edit

Zoroastrian is in the Iranian group, and has one heretic religion: Manichaean. Every other religion ingame is considered heathen.

Zoroastrian does not possess personal deities.

Special Decisions Edit

Zoroastrians gain access to three special decisions.

Rites of Admission, available when the ruler has an administrative skill of at least 3 and stability is at least 2, gives a permament Rites of Admission modifier giving +2.0% missionary strength at the cost of 50 administrative power.

Rekindling the Fires, available when the country has a rank of empire and constrols and has as cores the provinces of Morasanadu, Mahadeo, Kalpi, Etawah, Tanjore, Khiva and Velanadi, gives a permament Royal Fires modifier giving +0.5 yearly prestige and +0.5 yearly legitimacy.

Zoroastrian Diaspora, available when the country has fully converted all provinces to Zoroastrian and controls and has as cores the provinces of Arsakia, Isfahan, Mogostan, Kerman, Yazd, Balkh, Thatta, Surat, North Konkan and Chaul, gives a permanent Reunification of the Zoroastrian Diaspora modifer giving -10% stability cost modifier, -10% advisor costs, and +1 tolerance of the true faith.

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